Simple Web Service

Recently we did a test with a simple routing web service on behalf of a customer. Our aim was to find out how much time a request takes and how many requests can be processed per second. Input is two pairs of latitude-longitude coordinates and output should be approximate travel time. That is as basic as it gets.

The size of the street network was unknown, but in the range 1 – 2 million links. We decided for a rectangular area with 1.2 million links (West of New York) and generated random coordinates within that area, since the length of the routes was also unknown: A mix of short and long routes were expected.

We developed it in C# on top of RW Net 4, as a fully multi-threaded application.

Our result was app. 0.1 sec/route and we could generate 33 routes/sec on a quad core computer (Core i7-860). This included using the spatial index for converting the two coordinates to locations and finally calculating travel time between these, using dynamic segmentation.

The C# code shall be included in a later RW Net 4 Pro release as sample code.

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