Loop links in street network

In mathematical graph theory you work with vertices (nodes) and edges (links). An edge normally connects two different vertices or it becomes a loop.

RW Net has until now allowed loops. Since loops has several limitations in terms of lack of support for one-way restrictions etc. and also doesn’t fit with the “normal” algorithmic structure, we have decided to remove support for them in the route calculations. This means you can still use them in TNetwork and TSpatialSearch classes, but TCalc and TRouteCalc do not work at all, if there is just a single loop in the network.

Navteq (=HERE) and TeleAtlas (=TomTom) datasets hasn’t had any loops for a long time. With the release of our ITN converter from March 2011, you can now also avoid loops in ITN datasets.

Change to take place in RW Net 4 and FleetEngine after 1-1-2012.

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