RW Net 4 DLL for MapInfo 64-bit

Pitney Bowes has released an alpha version of their upcoming 64-bit version of MapInfo Professional. We decided to test it with the 64-bit version of RW Net 4 DLL and performed two runs:

MapInfo 12.0 > test.mbx > rwnet4.dll (32-bit)
MapInfo 12.5 > test.mbx > rwnet4.dll (64-bit)

It was the exact same mapbasic application and we got the exact same results (distance matrices, isochrones etc.). Success !!

The 64-bit version of RW Net 4 DLL shall be included in the next release of RW Net.

There is also the option of calling the RW Net 4 .NET assembly from MapBasic 12.5. According to the documentation this has been extended a lot, so it is possible to call constructors etc. This means support for objects, rather than only static methods. But that is an area we haven’t tested yet.

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